Carlos Brown 

Pop Up Teaching Tour

For the first-time ever the highly-acclaimed top instructor Carlos Brown will be taking his talents on the road with the Pop-Up Teaching Tour!


This one-day, one-of-it’s-kind V.I.P. experience promises to provide two-takeaways for its attendees;

  • A robust and intricate day of module training that will touch on every aspect of what it takes to become a technically elite golfer.

  • A simplified teaching philosophy that focuses on a holistic & inside/ out  approach that will challenge all of your preconceived notions on instruction.

The Experience

Embark on a high-performance V.I.P. teaching experience that focuses on:
•Mental and Physical Resilience: Building strength that transcends the golf course.
•Personal and Technical Awareness: Understanding the ‘whys’ of your actions to better control outcomes.
•Performance Skills Development: Concentrating on mental toughness, physical conditioning, tempo, and rhythmic training.
•Shot Data Analysis: Using data-driven insights to refine techniques and strategies.
This comprehensive method ensures each participant can create and follow a tailored path to success, developing a reliable system to meet their performance goals

This will truly have to be something you will need to experience for yourself!


JUNE 18th Pop Up Teaching Tour Event

experience at the Exclusive Ely Callaway Performance Center!