Adaptive Golf


Carlos Brown’s Story

In 2016, I suffered an injury to my left foot. A cut became infected, and it ultimately spread throughout his foot, leading to an emergency room trip. It was here were I was informed that I had gangrene, and I would lose the use of a few toes.

During surgery, doctors discovered the infection was worse than previously thought, leading to amputation of my entire foot and the lower part of my leg.

I Praise Jesus that I was able to play golf again and continue my work as a golf professional, during my recovery months some adaptive golfer is reached out to me and introduce me to the world of adaptive golf. Competitive athletes with different unique abilities compete in competitive tournaments – amputees, limb deficiencies, neurological disorders, vision impaired, individuals from the seated position. These athletes demonstrate that a ‚ÄúDisability need not mean an inability to play and compete” Therefore we refer to it as Adaptive golf. We play in golf events all across the globe competing & spreading awareness about how golf has helped us & the way we use golf to help others. These events feature the best golfers with in the world with unique abilities.

According the PGA of America, there are 18 Million disabled in the country that are interested in playing the sport of golf. Most of the 18 Million do not play the game because they do not know where to get proper instruction, do not feel welcomed, & feel they can’t perform the essential functions. International tournaments validate that everyone can indeed play the sport of golf and secondarily compete at a high level. This year they have introduced World Golf Rankings for adaptive golfers and golf is looking to be added to the Paralympics in the near future. With organizations like the US. Adaptive Golf Alliance, Callaway Golf, Scottish Rite Hospital, No Restrictions Golf, Solo Rider, Ottobock, pushing and supporting adaptive golf the future is looking better for adaptive players.

I wanted this page to help connect other adaptive players with golf organizations, tournament info, lesson info and also to help educate those who may have never knew that adaptive golf existed.